Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Mind, Tummy, and Soul

I've just experienced one of the best evenings of my life! Driving home, I felt like I was wrapped in a soft fuzzy blanket, plucked straight from the dryer! We had Enrichment Night (dinner club) @ Jamie C's tonight. We laughed, lounged, and savored ethnic cuisine in her top floor apartment by the beach. Candle light danced in the cool salty breeze. Talk about a glorious comfort food concoction! The main course was a chicken potato rice dish that catapulted us all into Nirvana! Our Columbian dinner was complemented by the fried plantains and fresh frothy watermelon juice. YUM!

Meaningful faith-building conversation intertwined with random silliness; Jamie busted out an airbrush makeup kit, then proceeded to give impromptu makeovers- high tech glamor at it's finest...I left feeling (and looking) a million times better than when I arrived- what a gift! One last highlight: Tamara and I dished out some love to the burgeoning hydrangea plant at the bottom of the stairs. We laughed till we were red in the face. Happiness abounds.

It is true- life is SO much better when you have wonderful people to share it with.

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wendster said...

amen and amen. Sounds like a fabulous evening.

Glad you have such cool friends.