Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What Drink Are You?

Just one of the millions of applications (I'm sure), that you can add to your facebook page- I saw it on a friend's profile today. She's a Cosmopolitan: Girly, Stylish, Classy. I could chose to think nothing of this little app, but I often tend to careen about in an ocean of's what I came up with: External entities defining our very selves. Another cloud-like haze to cover our eyes while here on earth.

I spent many formative years concocting an outward image, how I wanted people to interpret me as an individual, based on style and personal interests. Sure, style and interests are great, I guess it's the motive that bothers me.

What measures do we use to define ourselves?

Advertisers want us to believe it's trendy brands, fast cars, what you've got on your ipod...that will morph us into chic, attractive, fashionable peeps. We will increase our surplus population of friends if we shop the isles of this world carefully.

It's not the ruby blush of a Cosmopolitan that defines us, but the inner fire of our souls, burning white with divinity. The spirit's inhabiting our bodily frames are what make us each unique, courageous, and lovable.


Kelly said...

Dawn! I love that you wrote this. It had to be said and what magnificent insights you have. I have just started writing a blog too and I love it so so much!

wendster said...


That's all wrong.

It's SO having the right hand bag.

And the right figure.

And the right teeth.

And the right witty response.

I know this, because for fun, I dress like a ... hmmm .... don't want to offend any readers ... like a slob, let's say ... and society responds DIFFERENTLY to me when I dress as a slob.

Heck ... we are a world of consumers. Consumers recognize TV's when they see them. And it's been said that we all could, with 90% accuracy, "read" a person's status within five seconds of meeting that person.

I'm thinking that my fellow consumers can probably recognize me too. Cuz sometimes I doubt that I can see myself, that's for sure.

Except ... how do we explain that they treat me differently when I am well dressed and groomed? Maybe they CAN be tricked. Maybe they are superficial. lol.

I think you are probably right.

The only thing that DOES matter is the light within us and following our visions/dreams and what we can give to the community.

wendster said...

pssssssst. What drink ARE you?

origamibandit said...

Wendy, you are a silly one. :)