Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Great Scotts!

What a day! I slept at my editors house last night- attempted a late night and morning crunch session of final editing, as Maya left for San Fran this morning at 9. Still work to do- so tired- work was hectic- After work I drove to LBCC where I have my Photojournalism final in 30 minutes- Needed the memory card in my camera, which I forgot at work- drove all the way back to work- back to LBCC- left my flash drive at home- borrowed one which fried my memory card- drove home and cried- took Jen to the airport- so tired- came back to school- lost some great photos- which are now being retrieved by a man named Scott at the computer lab on the 2nd floor of the newly beautified LBCC library- God bless Scott and his file retrieval software!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Swing Like There's No Tomorrow!

I really like Ingrid Michaelson's The Way I Am. Just wish she didn't support smoking.

It's the eve before crazy, wonderful, endless editing- Maya and I are about to have a 48 hr marathon- We're finishing up the Documentary.

I'm so thankful I've had this afternoon/evening to regroup and rest.

Earlier in the day, I went to an ancient cemetery to photograph my final photojournalism assignment; Death (Is Not the End!)

The stone and woodwork that fashion the ceilings and facade of these final resting grounds are absolutely amazing- Unfortunately there is a No Photo-Taking policy indoors- Otherwise I would've snapped away at the 400 ft swinging pendulum this swings smack dab in the middle of this archaic maze! -With it's gigantic stone weight, swooshing slowly, yet powerfully, through the air- It's antiquated song echoed through the empty halls- mesmerizing- creepy- lovely.

P.S. We're in luck- someone broke Mausoleum Code of Honor and posted a pic of the very pendulum I was referring to on Google Images!