Monday, October 31, 2005

But I've never even met you people before!

Lane made the statement in class one week
that went a little something like this:

"When you see Jesus at the end of the tunnel,
are you gonna ask Him for I.D.? Is this an
imposter Jesus? You've never met the guy before!"

When we stand before the Lord we will
be most suprised at just how familiar His
face is to us. We lived with Him once before
as spiritual beings before coming to this
earthy sphere.

It will be a reunion rather than a carding.

Ring Around the Rosary

Ask yourself:
Why am I doing this?
Why do I do any number of
things that make up my life?
Follow ideas to their roots,
study it out, ponder, pray-
Answers are all around us.
I truly believe we are the
answers to each others

Door knocking Starbucks

Proselyting, by way of meme theory, is like sneezing.
Simply a hearty idea's way of replicating it's viral self
and taking over the world- That sucks the heart right out
of the reason people should be sharing spiritual convictions.

What about all the powerful experiences that surround
thriving testimonies? That create the energy to even want
to bring up such a touchy subject as religion with others?
What about those who are motivated by a love of diety and of
other people, rather than by fear of hellfire?

How does love/selflessness fit into meme theory?

Paradise Now- a film, an education.

Published Friday Oct. 28, 2005
in the Press-Telegram U section.

I read a review for this film and
really want to see it now (that's
if my guts can take it...)

" someone living in a place
where video stores rent video
tapes of suicide bombers final speeches-
reason has long been replaced by
blinding hatred. Paradise Now is
a revealing, harrowing look at that

Playing @ Laemmle's Sunset 5 in West Hollywood
and Landmarks NuWilshire in Santa Monica.

The Family: A Proclamation to the World.

Copy and paste this URL into your browser to find a copy
of the statement released in 1995 by the Prophet and Twelve
Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints,
(the official standing of the church as a whole). It gives a concrete
definition of what a family is and what it means and requires to
be a positive part of that sacred unit.

Here's the addy:,4945,161-1-11-1,00.html

Friday, October 21, 2005

Lola Becomes Her

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My Film- Lola Becomes Her


"createdtwice" wrote:
copy the link below into your browser and turn the volume way up:)

very nicely done.

Lub and Merwidge...

It's what brings us together today- a response to recent posts… I believe marriage has the power to make the world a much more desirable place to live, IF, the two people within that bond will each put forth the needed effort to make their relationship a success- this includes learningsome self-control (re. wandering eyes and wavering intensions.)My parents have been married for 27 years. They still go on datesevery Friday night and they still enjoy each other's companyimmensely. I feel spoiled to have their example to follow. Myfriends always tell me how lucky I am to have the family I do-I thank my parents for making the right choice in marriage by choosingeach other- They didn't act on impulses or find themselves forced intomarriage by extenuating circumstances. They took their time to fallin love, and then promised to stay true to each other. This is not anunobtainable result, on the contrary, I fully believe it's somethingeach of us can have.I believe solid family relationships are something every person longsfor-to truly be loved for who we are and to truly give that love back,romantic and paternal.We talked about it in class last night- all the songs on the radio areabout love in one way or another because WE ALL WANT, and quitepossibly, NEED TO BE LOVED!Marriage is sacred. I believe it is a vital ceremony and union thatis being ferociously attacked and manipulated into representingsomething far from its' original sanction and intent.I say it again: Yes, yes, marriage is a good thing, a necessary thing...