Thursday, January 29, 2009

Saved from the Eternal BBQ

This week has been filled with goodies, with the best yet to come; a weekend in the mountains with family- we leave tomorrow- yay!!!

The 24th marked the 8 year anniversary of my return home from my mish and the 27th, my 1 year celebration of semi-regular contribution to this here bloggie-poo.

On Monday, my coworker brought homemade chocolate chocolate chip cookies to work- I told myself I would wait to snag one after a proper lunch, if there were any left- When I finished work, there was one lowly cookie, staring up at my open mouth as I chomped it to oblivion. One left, just for me!

Little Albin came running up to me today, hands cupped, smiling. he said, "dawn. guess what i have." "what is it albin?" his hand blossomed to reveal two plump purple worms with bodies swirled around each other. albin's smile widened, "they're wrestling!" we both started to laugh. SO CUTE!

A miracle transpired yesterday. If ever you've wondered if miracles still happen today, I am here to tell you they do.

I've had a power strip that plugs into a wall outlet, closest in proximity to where I lay my head at night to sleep. This power strip has been the hub of all nightly electrical activity in my room; the alarm clock, stereo, lamp, cell phone charger, and camera battery charger have all juiced up here until two nights ago.

It was akin to a scene from the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland. It started with my alarm clock, which began to flicker. My lamp sulked 12 degrees dimmer than usual, emitting an eerie fluorescent glow instead of it's usual intense white light. There was a faint smell of electrical burn, but I couldn't pin point the source and assumed it must be my lamp which I then promptly turned off. The smell subsided.

In the morning, I found my alarm clock completely dead and my cell phone uncharged. I went to turn on my stereo to listen to my morning news show- it fuzzed out twice, defaulting the tuner to the beginning of the fm dial, causing inconvenient interruptions to my programming. What the heck was going on?!

Long story shorter, I later shuffled things around and plugged my lamp directly into the wall instead of the power strip to see if it would bring back the brightness. It did. As I was plugging my phone into it's charger last night, surely I was hearing a sizzling sound coming from behind my bed. I crouched down to get a closer look. There it was. The converter situated between the power strip plug and the outlet was melting before my very eyes! Hence the smell and all other weirdness.

I quickly unplugged everything and threw the power strip away. An electrical garden had been sucking energy from that source the entire day. A fire could have easily spewed forth from that wirery orifice- I am completely convinced we were protected from harm these past few days. Thanks be to the sheltering hand of the Lord.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Did I Do That?

All week, my sister's car has refused to do it's job and start! Well, today is street sweeping day and you know what that means. Move it or be fined. It was early, round 7:15a.m. Zack came over to give Autumn a ride to work. In addition, he thought he could jump-start her car so she could drive, rather than push, it onto the sidewalk and out of the Sweeper's way.

I'd previously overheard Autumn explaining she'd just bought a new car battery and felt sure that wasn't the source of malfunction. Still, Zack was now attaching battery cables. Old Red's ignition clicked away- nothing connected. Zack unplugged the cables and while storing them in the back seat, I decided I could make his job easier by shutting the hood of his car for him. He could then simply board his car, back it up, and we could push Autumn's car to safety.

Sturdy and almost unwavering, I really had to give his hood a good shove downwards before it connected with the rim of the front bumper. All I saw was the expression on Zack's face, a combination of terror and quivering lips.

Yes. There was a metal rod holding the hood in upright position. And no! I had not removed it from said position before closing the hood! You can imagine my dismay when my eyes commuted from Zack's panged visage to his now v-shaped hood. Oh me! Oh my! Oh no! In the immortal words of Urkel from Family Matters, "Did I do that?"

I immediately boosted the hood back up and reached for the latch which proceeded to break in my hand. That couldn't be good either. The whole thing was just sort of unbelievable. I left the house with intentions of being helpful and I broke Zack's car instead. I'll probably have to pay a pretty penny to get it fixed.

Moral of the story: when given the choice to stay inside your warm cozy home or egress to the frigid exterior and help someone in need, Please! Stay inside! Both of you will be glad you did.

A Vote for Walkable Cities

I would love to live in a walkable city. Why? Opportunistic for cool shoes! And the real reasons: For cleaner fresher air, water, and world; less traffic accidents; less DUI's; retention of moola that might have been spent on fuel, insurance, registration, tickets; increased physical activity; added opportunity for cordial community exchange; less conflict over peace? OK. Maybe that's taking it a little too far, but the list of benefits go on!

Transportation could be provided for the necessaries: large loads to carry, women giving birth (other medical oriented stuff), travel to far away places, etc. But, if a majority of movement could be made by foot, everyone might just be a lot happier and healthier. AND incidents (as mentioned in above post) would be eradicated from reality.

P!S! After walking back to the house from noted auto-fiasco, we discovered the storm drain had detached itself from the side of the garage and landed on top my grandmother's Camry, leaving a large gray scratch in place of the once umber-toned paint. Another mishap that could have been avoided if we didn't have such a dependency on automobiles!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Spirited Away

Today at work I was surrounded by the chitlins- I've been given an opportunity this week to get to know some of the younger kids at The Center, as age groups 2&3 and 4&5 are combined for Winter Session.

We were in a woodsy corner of the yard where clusters of bamboo and pine tangle together forming a natural wall separating us from the outside world.
Some of the kids were showing off their bamboo balancing skills when without warning, pine cone particles began spilling from the tree tops. I heard a rustling in the boughs and told the kids we had a visitor-- "A squirrel is having lunch up there." I pointed skyward.

A hush fell over the group. We all huddled together, chins up, trying to locate the little critter. "I don't see it!" came the bewildered chorus. "I don't see the squirrel either." I tried to appease them. The kids resumed their acrobatics.

Claire approached me. Something had just fallen on her head. I removed a russet colored pine cone piece. And then the little showers of debris began again. This time the squirrel was hopping from one tree to another. We watched it shower over there, then there, then there... I smiled.

Phoenix deduced, "I can't see the squirrel, but I can hear it! And I can feel it!" The thought came, "this is a perfect parallel to the Holy Ghost!" I paused. My eyes began to get all salty-wet as I looked at this sweet little girl and thought of how precious kids are- We had just experienced an eternal truth in a new way.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Jan You Air Re

This smorning Erin and I put our best feet forward! As tradition, 2009 marks year New Years Day Hike #3. :)

We rolled along the 110, and followed the twisting curves of San Pedro. Across the board, every possible view was dripping with fog. It reminds me of the new song my brother and I made up last night. Put to the chorus of The Killers, Human, "Are we driving? Or are we flying? Are they clouds? We can't tell..."

8 hours later the land of So Cal was still blanketed in brume. Erin and I managed to arrive at a perfect hiking spot. We drove aimlessly right to a hillside dropping down to a rocky beach. Here is what we found on our adventure:

1. Drunken ninja man, dressed in black from head to toe, stumbling over the tall grass across the street. He was calling out to the wind, "Yaaaaaghhhh! Ughhhh-Yaghhhh!" fighting some invisible force known only to him. We stood in amazement, hoping he'd win.

2. A beach side cat colony- approximately 60 gatos! They are being fed and cared for by a team of volunteers, one is a woman named Sandy who had pushed her graying hair back with a fuzzy black cat-eared head band. She gave us the low-down on the situation-

3. Sea glass for Sarah L., frosted by the relentless pounding of the sea.

4. A network of rock-side channels, miniature water slides.

5. Rob and family who'd arranged a tiered kaleidoscope of flowers and fruits as an New Year's offering to the God of the Sea. Talk about organic art. Swollen purple grapes, placed inside a halved coconut, floating in a bath of molasses, mangoes tangoing with oranges... Yum!

It was such a beautiful varied morning & early afternoon, which brings me to my New Years Resolution. Grateful girl in 2009.

Happy start of the year to you all! Much Love!!!