Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Good Bye Old Friend

The three things that have gotten me through the past 24 hours are 1. prayer 2. being surrounded by family 3. music.

I was able to leave work a half hour early yesterday, only to come home and find my house surrounded by medical vehicles and flashing lights. My sister was in the front yard, tears streaming, cell phone in hand. I rushed over to her-- "what's happening?!" "It's Grandpa..." My grandma was finally taking him to the E.R., (he could hardly breath most of the weekend), when he collapsed in the patio never to revive again. The paramedics were warring with Grandpa's chest-- no pulse-- it was surreal, poetic, and gruesome all the same time.

My Grandpa was one of my dearest friends. We had many adventures together, including a road trip to AZ, in a red convertible mustang!, to visit his boyhood farmhouse-- I got to experience the place I'd only heard about in stories-- He grew up on a cotton farm in the southeast corner of the state and was in the same Stake as former President of the Church, Spencer W. Kimball. He was one of 11 children and the last one to pass away-- He loved a good crossword puzzle and telling corny jokes. His favorite: If your nose runs and your feet smell, what's wrong with you? You're built upside down. My favorite: What do you call 4 bull fighters in quicksand? Quatro Cinco.

Grandpa, thank you for all the memories! xoxo

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Plugged In

Tonight, I type to you from my very own computer desk, staring into the screen of my brand new 27" iMac. Almost in heaven... aside from the fact that, sadly, it makes an audible humming noise due to the 2T hard drive. I wish I wasn't so sensitive to, and bothered by, odd little noises. Thank goodness for ear plugs... Sorry. What did you say? :)

On the upside, I fully and completely love my desk, got it on Craigslist for a real deal... on another cheery note, I made it on my 4th annual (and consecutive) New Years Day hike! Walked up Grundy Canyon with my sister, auntie and her boyfriend-person. Tons of Los Angeleans take their dogs for runs/walks up this winding canyon path, so not only was it great exercise, but also a flurry of toothy-grin color. Seeing such a wide variety of dog breeds made me smile. In general, domesticated pets bring a smile to my face!

The view from the top of the canyon was breathtaking! From one angle you can see the Hollywood sign. Turn 45 degrees to the right, downtown L.A., 45 more and you can see Catalina Island, the ocean (obviously), and Century City. By the time we reached the top, the sun had begun to set-- the sky was aflame with orange and pink. I am always wowed by God's greatness when out and about in nature! God is good.

Happy New Year to all!