Friday, September 23, 2005

One of my favorite quotes by Mr. Wilson...

"...destiny is in our hands and denial of the dream
leads back to barbarism."

A light at the end of the Tortilla...

I have 2 comments I'd like to make
relating to NDE's and the sociology
theory from last week's lecture.
"It's our faith, our own neurology
that attaches the meaning/object
we see at the end of the tunnel, be
it a tortilla, Kelly Slater, a bike...etc."

What about people who see something other than what they expected?

A few years ago I had an in depth conversation
with someone who'd died and come back. He'd been
steeped in a particular faith since
childhood, and what he saw after his spirit left
his body wasn't even close to what he'd believed he
would see. This became the reason he
left his formative faith- his NDE had left him bitter.
So there mustbe a better explanation
of why people see what they do- because if the
sociology theory were correct,
wouldn't it be applicable to all cases?

Could it be that the human brain
goes through a series of shut-downs
as we, on the brink of death,
start to slip from this mortal
existence? Maybe the tortilla
at the end of the tunnel is just the
first step- a mental picture.
And those who report a spiritual
leaving of the body are taking the next step
in that process, leaving
the true end result of what happens after death
yet to be fully realized by those of us
who are still here.

Friday, September 02, 2005


there are no limits
to this papered creation
an ancient art
willing mutation