Sunday, June 28, 2009


I started a Morning Walk regimen this month. Seeing as I usually wake up around 5am... early to bed early to rise...I decided to get out into the neighborhood, give my regards to fellow early-risers, and get a bit of exercise while I'm at it. (They say the best time for cardio is on an empty stomach. Another plus for the time frame.)

So many great interactions have been created because of this new practice. I'm beginning to know my neighbors and I love it!

I enjoy studying the quirky landscapes and architecture of Lakewood.

I even scored a free art print of Jack Vettriano's The Singing Butler- one of my all time favorite paintings and one of the UK's most celebrated and successful artists. Thanks to Rachel and Yvette's yard sale. :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Little Thing Called Love

I just read a friends Love Story online. She's getting married soon- never thought love would come her way, and here's the rub: The night she had her first real convo with her soon-to-be hubby, she was in a low place, emotionally speaking. She was stressed out about work and money and didn't feel like being around anybody- let alone a coursing gathering of over 100 people. (She'd helped to put together the night's event.)

She escaped for some fresh air, Brian followed her, listened to her vent, encouraged her, even invited her to dinner for that same night- and they've been inseparable ever since! She was depressed and still met a wonderful faithful man!

I want to add to this, a thought that's been simmering in the mental pot for a while. I was conversing with my brother and a guy friend earlier this year. My friend's brother-in-law has a gaggle of cute single sisters, two of which attend our congregation. My brother asked our friend if he'd ever considered dating one of them. He quickly replied, "No way! I know too much."

That sentiment sat with me and then this thought came: Loving someone is knowing "too much" and loving them anyway.

All the myths I've built up in my head about having to be perfect or perfectly prepared to meet a great guy, are crash and burning at my feet. Yes prepare. Yes have a strong relationship with the Lord first... but, perfection may just be a starry-eyed dream, reserved for the other side--

Monday, June 01, 2009

Me Graduated Now

The Crowning Event of my closing CSULB career occurred last night. It was the Advanced Documentary track Student Showcase, where my film, No Place Like Home, debuted. After weeks and weeks of intense, tiring, glorious work, my doc hit the big screen at the William Link Theater on campus. It received praise all around!

I grimace to think of all the premature and needless fretting I exposed beforehand- The sound isn't perfect- That voice-over happened too soon...True, it needs a little fine tuning, but the other fact that's just as true is, people dig it! :)I am so thrilled!!! I look forward to cleaning the film up, and begin to learn the festival submission process. I am so thankful I stayed on another year to do a film production minor- and for Kirk Marcolina who was hired 3 days before the start of the Fall semester to take on my class- he is brilliant- a true God-send- I learned so much from him!


Happy graduation to all Spring 2009 graduates!