Sunday, June 01, 2008

My family is...

The oxygen in my tank.

Today is my dad's birthday. He's pushing 60 and I'm in denial... how has life slipped by so quickly? Today was wonderful. It started with Stake Conference (a special quarterly church meeting where several congregations meet together.) The take home message (for me) was: look for the good in everyone and everything. I recommitted myself to this personal goal while in the conference session, then proceeded to break said commitment only half a day later while on an evening walk with pops- I took it upon myself to critique a newfangled landscaping fad that's sweeping my neighborhood. To go into details here would only further violate my new personal code- Take home point: What we look for becomes all we can see.

Justin and I drove out to Harbor 2nd Ward post conference. The ward building is nestled below the Palos Verde Hills with the Pacific just beyond the rolling green. I took a moment while walking across the courtyard, to stop and watch the clouds pour over the roof's edge- the misty clumps swirling and crashing into each other, then slowly pulling apart like feverish taffy fresh off the stove. I was filled with gratitude for the gospel and all the wonders that testify of God.

Before the evening walk, I studied my dad's face in the moonlight and flashed back to a time when I was 10. My dad used to take each Altier child on a "date night" once a month. My most vivid recollection of this practice is when he and I walked to the now non-existent drive-thru dairy a few blocks away from our home, where he let me choose any item I wished on his dime. We walked back home as I shoved mini powdered donuts into my mouth, one after another, developing a coating of sugary dust on my face and shirt- my childhood memories are sweet. Thank you parental units, and thanks be to God.
Happy birthday Daddy. xoxoxo

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wendster said...

I remember those date nights! Not that I ever went on one ... just witnessed them.

Your dad is the perfect dad in my book. So loving and caring and such a good leader of your family ... such a good example of what a priesthood holder should be. The model of health (sans his back problem of course ... but he takes care of it so responsibly) ... also super intelligent and kind.

I just love his character traits.

I hope he lives to be 200 yrs old. Oh yeah ... he hates the idea of being old. I hope he lives to be 200 years YOUNG.

He has already defied the laws of aging so well ... he still looks like a young man to me.

Happy Birthday Ricky san!