Thursday, July 24, 2008

Silly Martian, Tricks are for Kids.

While studying for my summer class final,(Music for Early Childhood Ed.), I was allowed a single note card to miraculously cram 6 weeks worth of copious notes onto- a teacher-approved cheat sheet... Because it was early morning and only hours till the exam, words began spilling out my pen all rushed and googily... For example:

Instead of writing the song title, Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes, I began with, "Heads...". This version of the song was arranged with Martian-children in mind. After all, the goal is all-inclusive classrooms, right?

Still on Tuesday of this week: To give you an idea of how little "the little things in (my) life..." can be, let's just say that 3 weeks ago I enthusiastically planned my schedule around donating blood on Wednesday in order to claim a coupon for a free Subway sandwich- (Food... a legitimate and persuasive bait!)

Anyway- to my surprise, I saw what looked like the Blood Donor Trailer, parked in it's usual spot, a day early! Beads of drool starting forming prematurely at the sides of my mouth...

I marched over to the trailer, cleared my throat and said, "Excuse me. I'd like to donate." The woman with her back to me, wearing scrubs and fishing for something inside a drawer, turned around and paused.

Then, with a mix of confusion and curiosity she asked, "Donate what?"

"Ummm, blood?"

"Honey, we're doing free Pap and STD testing."

OK Dawn, just like we practiced; Smile, nod your head, and slowly back away from the vehicle.

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wendster said...

Were the pap smears free?

What if they were giving out coupons?

You don't know!

Did you ask?

You don't know! They could have been giving out pizza coupons!

Wonder what the trailer is doing there TODAY?