Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Spirited Away

Today at work I was surrounded by the chitlins- I've been given an opportunity this week to get to know some of the younger kids at The Center, as age groups 2&3 and 4&5 are combined for Winter Session.

We were in a woodsy corner of the yard where clusters of bamboo and pine tangle together forming a natural wall separating us from the outside world.
Some of the kids were showing off their bamboo balancing skills when without warning, pine cone particles began spilling from the tree tops. I heard a rustling in the boughs and told the kids we had a visitor-- "A squirrel is having lunch up there." I pointed skyward.

A hush fell over the group. We all huddled together, chins up, trying to locate the little critter. "I don't see it!" came the bewildered chorus. "I don't see the squirrel either." I tried to appease them. The kids resumed their acrobatics.

Claire approached me. Something had just fallen on her head. I removed a russet colored pine cone piece. And then the little showers of debris began again. This time the squirrel was hopping from one tree to another. We watched it shower over there, then there, then there... I smiled.

Phoenix deduced, "I can't see the squirrel, but I can hear it! And I can feel it!" The thought came, "this is a perfect parallel to the Holy Ghost!" I paused. My eyes began to get all salty-wet as I looked at this sweet little girl and thought of how precious kids are- We had just experienced an eternal truth in a new way.


NariceatL4 said...

That was a nice post :)

I love it when things like that happen with my class... like last year when Saul was coming back from the office and announced that there was a rainbow (!) We all went out into the schoolyard and chased rainbows for the next ten minutes. (I was so glad I listened to him--just like I'm always so glad when I actually hear and do what the HG says...)

Kelly said...

I love reading your blogs Dawn- so insightful and uplifting! Still waiting on my Mum's chocolate sauce potion- they have been away but I am sure she will spill the cocoa beans soon! xox