Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Vote for Walkable Cities

I would love to live in a walkable city. Why? Opportunistic for cool shoes! And the real reasons: For cleaner fresher air, water, and world; less traffic accidents; less DUI's; retention of moola that might have been spent on fuel, insurance, registration, tickets; increased physical activity; added opportunity for cordial community exchange; less conflict over peace? OK. Maybe that's taking it a little too far, but the list of benefits go on!

Transportation could be provided for the necessaries: large loads to carry, women giving birth (other medical oriented stuff), travel to far away places, etc. But, if a majority of movement could be made by foot, everyone might just be a lot happier and healthier. AND incidents (as mentioned in above post) would be eradicated from reality.

P!S! After walking back to the house from noted auto-fiasco, we discovered the storm drain had detached itself from the side of the garage and landed on top my grandmother's Camry, leaving a large gray scratch in place of the once umber-toned paint. Another mishap that could have been avoided if we didn't have such a dependency on automobiles!

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