Thursday, January 15, 2009

Did I Do That?

All week, my sister's car has refused to do it's job and start! Well, today is street sweeping day and you know what that means. Move it or be fined. It was early, round 7:15a.m. Zack came over to give Autumn a ride to work. In addition, he thought he could jump-start her car so she could drive, rather than push, it onto the sidewalk and out of the Sweeper's way.

I'd previously overheard Autumn explaining she'd just bought a new car battery and felt sure that wasn't the source of malfunction. Still, Zack was now attaching battery cables. Old Red's ignition clicked away- nothing connected. Zack unplugged the cables and while storing them in the back seat, I decided I could make his job easier by shutting the hood of his car for him. He could then simply board his car, back it up, and we could push Autumn's car to safety.

Sturdy and almost unwavering, I really had to give his hood a good shove downwards before it connected with the rim of the front bumper. All I saw was the expression on Zack's face, a combination of terror and quivering lips.

Yes. There was a metal rod holding the hood in upright position. And no! I had not removed it from said position before closing the hood! You can imagine my dismay when my eyes commuted from Zack's panged visage to his now v-shaped hood. Oh me! Oh my! Oh no! In the immortal words of Urkel from Family Matters, "Did I do that?"

I immediately boosted the hood back up and reached for the latch which proceeded to break in my hand. That couldn't be good either. The whole thing was just sort of unbelievable. I left the house with intentions of being helpful and I broke Zack's car instead. I'll probably have to pay a pretty penny to get it fixed.

Moral of the story: when given the choice to stay inside your warm cozy home or egress to the frigid exterior and help someone in need, Please! Stay inside! Both of you will be glad you did.


NariceatL4 said...

HaHa! What a great post!

What a ridiculous moral! (I must remember to teach it to my kindergarten students: Boys and girls--just stay warm and cozy in bed all day...."NEVER try to help anyone! I mean it!"
("Anybody want a peanut?")
"Stop ryhming!"
("Did you try to clean it?")
"Do you want to pull a card?"
("Then will you throw us into a deep pit?")

Kelly said...

Dear Dawnie Pants,

My thoughts drift to the wellness of your hand! How did you manage to make such a mish mash that early in the morning!I did chuckle however, that was a great post!