Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Route 66

"I no can believe it!" But at the same time, I can!!! As of today it's official! I took my very last psychology final for my bachelors degree, fulfilling all requirements for graduation. Can I get an "Amen"?! I was sweating bullets as I walked the long, dark corridors of the Psych building post-test. I was trailing my professor to the Psych office, where "the machine" would gobble up our scantrons, spitting out our resultant fates. I needed a 65% or better on the test to pass the class. (aka to have at least a "C" average for all tests taken during the semester)... I sat pensively, at the edge of my chair- Dr. D walked through the doorway, stopped and smiled when she saw my troubled brow, then said that blessed number, "66". "You're serious?!" I was shrill with glee! I jumped up, threw my arms around her and shook her like a willow tree on a gusty summer's day. Of course, graduation will hit next May as I am doing a minor in Fall and Spring- but technically if I needed to, I could go (graduate) at any time now!

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