Thursday, April 24, 2008


I was listening to NPR on my morning drive to worky. They did this intriguing piece on sound waves/signals and the metamorphosis they've undergone thanks to advancements in technology. (The most interesting point made, in my opinion, was the attesting of a collegiate researcher to life on other planets- other planets analogous to our own!) Once again, secular findings fall into line with the gospel.

In the 50's, the golden era of television, Lucy's voice (electromagnetic waves) were poorly contained, bouncing off receivers and soaring past the stars of our solar system at light speed- taking approximately 5 hours to do so- From east coast to Chicago, micro-seconds…to the moon, 1.5 seconds, to Mars in minutes- You get the idea. Lucy's voice has traveled for 57 years and continues on into the hum of the universe. (57 light years is about 200 trillion miles.)

Today, thanks to sputnik and it's successors, electromagnetic wave are now compressed into fiber optic waves readied for point to point transmission via satellite, cutting our solar noise pollution down to a mere peep.

If a bit of silicon and wiry mesh can send a signal (sound wave) powerful enough to maneuver the far reaches of our universe, is there any wonder then, that our thoughts and heartfelt prayers can find their way to the ears of the One who created it all- Sound waves and the means of their conduction may change, but one thing (Being) stays the same. He understands physical and eternal laws far better than any Harvard or Nasa engineer could.

Regardless of our point and place in the universe, each of us are listened to and loved.

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