Friday, April 11, 2008

Babes in Yogurtland

There's no doubt yogurt is making a comeback in a BIG way! This "healthy indulgence" has become so popular that Pinkberry's and their nemeses are popping up everywhere! What an oxymoron: low-fat yogurt. (Only if it's sugary-free, but then you have all the added chemicals to contend with). Oh well. In Yogurtland's behalf, let me say it's darned yummaliscious!

Eric and I investigated the Long Beach location tonight. It's almost overwhelming when you first enter. It's set up like a buffet, offering trough size cups and even bigger trough sized cups- take your pick- and don't be fooled- Despite unavoidable air pockets between layers, 30 cents an ounce multiplies quickly once all the delectable flavor choices are starring you in the face! A little of this and a little of that...oh that looks good. YES, thank you! I can fit 12 flavors into my trough quite comfortably! The tart blueberry, and taro flavored yoges are my personal fave.

Toppings- say no more- syrupy strawberries, mini squares of creamy cheesecake, crumbles of Oreo cookie- Some of you in currently colder regions may shiver at the thought of frozen treats in the month of April, but for us Californians it was a steamy 83 degrees today! I will definitely be finding my way back here soonish.

You can check out Yogurtland for yourself @:

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yogurtland = delicious