Saturday, April 24, 2010

Take a Trip on Route...

I have a friend who was born in Los Angeles County, but moved to Kingman AZ when she was 10. She came back to CA when she was 19 and is now serving a mission in Spain. She comes home in June- I couldn't be more thrilled! So while surfing Flickr this morning, I found another favorite photog-- lj holloway, of none other than Kingman AZ! When Catina returns from her mish, maybe I will be able to talk her into a road trip to Kingman- the place looks super cool!

Reasons to LOVE Catina:

1. Her love for and testimony of the Lord.

2. Her insatiable desire to help everyone around her feel special and loved.

3. Her confidence in others.

4. Her fearless spirit.

5. Her smile.


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