Friday, August 21, 2009

A week ago Today.

Just want to give thanks for the great time I had last Friday- Girls night out. It's been a long time since I can say, honestly, that I had that much fun. Maybe my attitude is responsible for that:) I drove out to Erin Foxy Nuggets house and so did Erin's good friend from film school, now my friend too, Nabby. Nabs brought over garden burgers, Erin made hot chips- we talked about love, life, projects we're working on, and then we went to a Karaoke bar and sang our little hearts out! (I want to take a moment to compliment Erin on her beautiful singing voice- she's got the voice of a 40's style lounge singer- she sounds like heaven!)

We closed with a personal favorite, Don Henley's Heart of the Matter, India Arie style. We got Yogurtland afterward, upstairs, and walked to a community Dojo to watch and film young martial artists at work. We went back to Erin's place, watched The Blvd and I snapped a couple of photos of Ms. E. I loved my night with the goils. Thank You Muchly for the great evening.

Now on with my part time job search.

P.S. I can't seem to get away from school land- I started my Digital Work flow and Studio Lighting classes this week! Love the professor.


Erin said...

Origami Bandit, you are an amazing singer! We had such a fun time! Thank you so much for making the drive up!

Erin said...

Next time we can sing this song: