Saturday, August 01, 2009

Raising money 4 romantic

As I exited the 405 freeway at Santa Monica Blvd, a very curious person came into view. A wild puff of golden hair swayed atop a wide blue-eyed head. A million dollar smile flashed in the daylight. He was holding a piece of cardboard with the inscription, "Raising money 4 romantic". Romantic what? I've seen some clever cardboard signs in my time, but this one was particularly intriguing to me.

He must have discerned my puzzlement for it was then that he flip the sign over, which finished the sentence: Comedy. Raising money 4 romantic comedy! Ha! I loved it!

I began jiggling with laughter! He responded by joyously jumping up and down. Non-verbal comm. It's a beautiful thing. I sat for a moment wanting to do something- roll down my window- make some sort of contact- give him a dollar! Anything! But, alas- the light turned green before I took any action aside from pushing on the gas pedal.

I thought about that young man the rest of the way to the temple, during the session, and afterward. I resolved to speak with him if he was still standing street side when I drove back to the freeway. And what do you know? Three hours later he was still there! But he was on the wrong side of the street which meant I had to get on the freeway, exit, get back on the freeway and exit- you get the picture.

Upon exiting Santa Monica a second time, my unnamed brother had shifted stations. He was now standing on the median. My heart was racing- must go opposite direction to connect- turned around- light is green- check mirror- no one behind me- Yay!
I pulled up next to him, braked, and the light turned red which gave us time to talk.

I rolled down my window wanting to give him the gift of the gospel in return for the giant smile he put on my face. "Hi. I don't have a lot of money, but I have something I feel is more valuable..." I gave him a pass along card- we had a great 2 minute convo- His name is George- he's from upstate NY and knows about the church- He held my hand the entire time we talked- As the light changed, his parting words were, "You're so loving!" That love is the Lord's love! It was incredible.

I then drove to Curry in a Hurry and met up with long lost friend Erin Fox- We digitized footage for the YSA Conference coming up next weekend- listened to favorite YouTube music vid's, and laughed as we watched the footage I got the night before of Brigham and his viola!



Kelly said...

I loved your Tuesday as well!! xx

wendy said...

I love this post!