Wednesday, April 08, 2009

You want a Necklace Beard too!

And I want to make you one! :)>

On Tuesday, one of the girls arrived to school clutching a handmade necklace for her friend. Her mom marked how excited her daughter was to Give. It was another inspiring moment for me- I want to get into that habit of finding Joy in Giving to others just for the sake of Giving-

Speaking of giving, Saturday March 28th Matt came over to help me film- I interviewed my parents talking about their hopes and fears for the main character of the doc- It was during this interview that my parents taught me I don't have to be perfectly prepared to find love- we're never really prepared for marriage when it comes our way, and the right-person-for-us can help us become the person we need to be-

The following day at church, preparing for Linger Longer, I learned that one of the mellowest people I know used harbor a boiling temper. They had ripped down the garage overhang and pulverized it to bits the day they banged their head on it- they were married to a easygoing happy person even!!! One day they finally decided it wasn't worth it to lash out in such violent bursts. Slowly over time they changed- the point is 1. they decided to change and 2. That change came after the person had married a wonderful companion-

I'm not saying we should enter into that most sacred union nonchalantly, lazily, or purposely under prepared. I realized however that what's Ideal, isn't always what's Real.

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