Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ahhh Sunday

As I sit at the computer, my grandma is occupying the room next to me, giggling away at the Sunday funnies. Laughter is one of the things I love most about living at home. No one can cause fits of laughter to seize upon my soul like my family can. I think it's one of their superpowers. Yesterday for instance, my brother at I were driving homeward, he'd just gotten head shots done. One of us made the comment, "it's a small world..." This sent Justin into a seismic sing-song production, rearranging the words of Disney's It's A Small World. "The world is someting, the world ah ah,...the world is smaaaaaall!" What made it so silly is the nasally-whinny-latin accent he was singing with- I love my brother.

My dad is endless quick-wit. I was on hold with the DMV customer service line this week- every few minutes this automated voice would come on the line encouraging me to hang up and opt for clearing up my issue online- "Your hold time will be more than 10 minutes..." I ignored the prompt, leaving the phone on speaker. My dad and brother were putting about the kitchen also encouraging me to end the call. The 5th time the automated voice came on, there was a glitch; "Yer...yer...yuh". The machine was trying desperately to spit the phrase out. My dad chimes in, "It's laughing at you." He mocked the recording (and me for waiting so long) adding repressed laughs between each "Yer".

Maybe you would've had to have been there, or get my family's humor. :) It's a blessing to have so much fun con mi familia.

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