Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Thirt Tee Won

I had a great birthday today starting with a serenade from my mum and salmon tinted tulips from Autumn (my favorite flower and sister). When I walked into work, all the teachers and kids sang to me- I got lots of hugs- they made me a birthday banner signed by kids and staff, complete with a gaggle of glitter! As I was getting ready to leave work, a group of kids walked the completed banner towards me, surrounded me and cut off my air supply. Not really, but that would've been creepy. The afternoon staff and kids sang to me- more hugs!

I went to Institute, Br. Johnson and the people hanging out sang to me- a stream of texts poured in throughout the day- I have yet to check my facebook profile, but as of yesterday I'd had several happy birthday posts. Do I feel loved or what?!

I went to Disneyland in the afternoon *for free* It's their new promotional for the year, and then upgraded and bought an annual pass- a gift to myself- Autumn and I met up with Kristen and her friend Joseph-- We went to dinner at the Grand Californian and rode Heimlich's Chew Chew Train- it was my first time, and I laughed my head off for the entire duration of the ride! What a great way to end a first day back at the park-

The day finished with my beloved photography class and when I got home I opened a gift that had been dropped off by my friend Jon...a 24 carrot necklace. That's right folks. Literally. We plan to juice it tomorrow.

p.s. I got my first dslr camera last Friday from Momma. YaY! I shot pix all day on Saturday- loved it! A BIG THANK YOU to everyone whose helped to make this birthday SO special!!! xoxoxo


sara said...

Sorry I missed your birthday but it sounded AWESOME!!! I can just hear your laughter and your big smile! I love it. Hope you're having a nice Valentine's Day too!!! Miss you!

Kelly said...

happy birthday! what dslr camera did you get....WAY exciting!