Thursday, February 19, 2009


Answer to prayer #40,109,327.
After rushing to class last night, I was surprised and saddened to see the lens cap was not attached to the lens of my camera. Where could it be!? I was sure it was intact before I got in my car to drive to school...

Long story short; I tore apart my room, my car, and retraced all my steps. This included leaving a half hour early for work this morning, returning to school to comb the grassy lawn, carpeted floors, and hallways.

Fortunately, I had more than luck on my side. I'd prayed to find cappy and the Lord saw fit to align circumstance. The Lord has the power to put us in the right place at the right time. For me, this meant being in my car, facing west in a parked position at 8:15 a.m. Having to wait for peace of mind any longer than that may have figuratively killed me.

After scouring the campus, I returned to my car defeated, yet oddly hopeful. I opened the driver side door, eyes skimming the ground as I sat down with door still open. And there it was- a brilliant ray of morning sun, acting as a spotlight, shown into the floor of my car in the exact spot where my lens cap lay, upside down, atop a patch of plastic flooring that matched the cap exactly.

I immediately and profusely thanked God for this tender mercy and went to work with a huge smile on my face.

The night ended just as wonderfully. I had a great reciprocal visiting teaching session with Meagan, Alyssa, and Ashley. I love those girls! It's such a blessing to be surrounded by people who share my values.

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wendy said...

Cappy! You are home at last!

I just got caught up on your blog ALL THE WAY BACK TO JANUARY 1ST... and I LOVED your posts!

How on EARTH did I forget to make the rounds to your blog when I made blog rounds? How stupid.
Erkel: Did I do that!?!?!? We'll get Erkel to pay for the hood. And for my mistake as well, while we are at it. Erkel should have visited your blog. Especially on your birthday! He could have AT LEAST called! Hello.

What a terrible Erkel he is.

So glad that your plug thing didn't burn the house down.

I love the chicken philosophy. There really is enough for everyone, you would think. What kind of short sighted God would NOT put enough of everything on the earth? Ridiculous.

Loved the squirrel holy ghost.

Loved the beach day, especially:

"Yaaaaaghhhh! Ughhhh-Yaghhhh!" fighting some invisible force known only to him. We stood in amazement, hoping he'd win.

I often do this in my room. Yaaaaghhhhuggghhhhyaagghhhh! Back, husband!
He's nowhere NEAR to invisible.

What else? Funny song you and Justin made up, glad you loved the visiting teaching, glad you have a cool new camera (glad that SOMEONE is on the ball on your birthday) ... but late as it may be, here are my two cents, since Erkel was on the blink that day:

Happy Birthday!!! (said Frosty the Snowman style)

Now ... go back to your warm bed and don't come out to help anyone.

I'm going to start living that way tomorrow.

And I'm going to eat ALL of the chicken. There's only enough for me. I like ALL the pieces. Yes I do. Even the neck.

I'll wear a T shirt with seagulls on it that say:
mine! mine! mine! mine!

I'll have to e mail you about the auction. Postponed due to bankruptcy, which means the owner is fighting to keep it.

But tomorrow I am going to eat all of his chicken.

And close his hood for him.

And send him out to look for a lens cap in the fog on the beach.

... and I'm going to send ninja man to help him look.

Because there are NOT enough houses for all of us. ha.