Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Who does Number 2 Work For?

I find myself thinking a lot lately about a dear former friend. We used to spend gobs of time together. Gobs is actually an understatement. Our spirits had been surgically sewn together.

Sadness caused his face to crumble the day we parted ways. I was leaving for my mission. Yes, *sigh*, that was a long time ago... If I had known, as he most probably did then, that that moment would eventuate our slow divide, my face most likely would have joined The Puffy Pink Pancake Club too.

Those few years together were sheer panacea; The Wonder Years; some of the happiest times of my life. (Funny how our minds can polish memories into perfection-overlooking the rough and tumbly.)

I miss our connection. I hope to find someone like him again one day, God willing.


Kelly said...

you are a special girl with a special spirit- you will most certainly find someone like him again. new blog lay out is adorable! xoxo

Rebecca said...

So who is this guy and where did he go? Hmmm...? And how come I've never heard of him til now? I thought we were tight, girl!