Saturday, August 09, 2008

They Might Be Giants

I could say many wonderful things about Family Camp at Lake Sequoia- (I just returned.) My aunt Wendy started attending Central Valley YMCA Family Camp 4 years ago, fell in love with it the first year, and has extended an indefinite invitation to me for the years thereafter- I have since completed 3 successful stints, returning to the same wonderful place, the 2nd week in August, each year.

What I thoroughly enjoy about Family Camp:

Oscar a fellow camper turned friend, leading us through swathes of tall grass, wild rose, and Indian Paintbrush. Hovering close to the towering Redwood Sequoias, stooping down to scoop up one of it's pine cones, and marvel at how an entity so considerable in size, precipitated from beginnings so small. The constant smell of earth and pine. Recurring reminders of Creation. Lake hikes. Campfire in all it's silliness and glory. (Families take turns performing skits, songs, etc. each night at sundown-).

Above all, my favorite event is "family camp rules" volleyball! The camaraderie and sheer joy of it all! My love for the sport was born 5000 feet above Fresno, 3 years ago, and has since shown me likable aspects of my personality I wasn't aware existed before. An unexpected blessing.

You shall know a tree by it's fruits, and Sequoia Family Camp is irrefutably, terrific timber.


wendster said...

Very nicely written.

Brought nice visual images, along with a happy tingle in my nose and pleasant vibrations in my ears ... vibrations that weren't mosquito wings. Yay!

So glad you commented on my blog so I could find your blog.

I'll be back!

btw: Nice song reference there.

wendster said...

Your whole blog is terrific timber. Just read every post.

Fantastic! Great use of descriptive speech, mindful of people's times and therefore not verbose ... just pared down perfectly to a deliciously delectably sized "portion" ... and interesting subject matter.

Me likey.

I commented on all of your posts if you care to have a look.