Wednesday, September 01, 2010


After weeks of toil... the little white box from Hades has been dispelled! (HURRAY!) Alas, in the process my beloved former blogger template was lost forever! (BOO!) So...this is the interim. Since my last post, summer vacation has come to a close and I've done several more photo-shoots. I went on a great mountain vacation with the fam and started back, (Monday), at the preschool part-time.

I really am blessed in so many ways and look forward to future growth and betterment.

I hope you are all well!!!


The Fleming Family said...

At least the little whote box is gone- I think there is something that you can click in the HTML section along the lines of "use old blogger settings".... your photo shoots sound happy and fun, as does life for you right now. Love ya muchly xxx

Wendster said...

I like the new template!

It looks super to me.

And I love that photo! Well ... I like the one of your feet, too, but I love that photo of your face~!


How did the acts of selfless service go?

And that was a great connection you made between the suffering pioneers and the suffering grandfather. You are so loving in the way you notice and respond to the suffering of others. Many times you have helped me and I wonder if you have any idea how much it has meant to me. Look in the dictionary under "compassion" and you will find your photo. Yes ... you will.

And congratulations on getting rid of the little white box. Did it have to do with the template people making everyone get rid of their old templates and replace them with new? Or was that just the cutest blog on the block that did that? That was a few months back ... but it seems like it was a photo bucket thing??? I think! Just an idea. I don't know what to do to follow up on more information other than to go to cutest blog on the block ... because they might have mentioned something about it or still have a link there to correct it ... ???

Trying to do a "selfless act of service" here. LOL

Mua! xoxoxoxo

Orac said...

I like your new background almost as I like your must be tough being grounded.