Sunday, July 11, 2010

Encircled by His Love

Each Saturday and Sunday morning, my family gathers for our weekend brand of family scripture study. We congregate round the T.V. and watch reruns of General Conference via DVD (one talk per diem). Today's talk was given by Cheryl Lant, an outgoing member of the Primary General Presidency.

Her talk revolved around the idea of seeking the Lord's face (living a life that will allow us to be with Him and thus, see Him, (His face), in the afterlife.) The comment that stood out the most was, "being filled with the Lords love requires selfless service." Being filled with His love is the ONLY way we are truly able to freely and fully love anyone outside of ourselves. Selfless service and loving others are departments that frankly, I have been slipping in. Sister Lant's words were like manna to my crumbling soul! Selfless service is the key to all woes!

Give selfless service = become encircled by God's love = encircle others with genuine love = love for self, the world, and God increase. This process is one eternal round. No beginning and no end.

Please post an act of selfless service you have enjoyed participating in or receiving. Myself and others would love to read about it!

This week's personal challenge is to give an act of selfless service each day- I will return and report next week.

Sidenote: I love the Claddagh ring~ I really want to travel to Ireland!

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