Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Cow's Meow

I have a cat named Cow. I found her on my way to a church activity back in '97. She was in a box next to a dumpster outside the building, along with her 5 brothers and sisters. I took the box inside, the kittens scattered and I scooped up the one that came to me and took her.

I could say many things about her- She is full of idiosyncrasies, has an unusually poor sense of balance (for a cat), and drools all over the place when you pet her. She often runs up to my car when I come home, meowing for attention.

This week she got really sick and I thought she was going to die-
She had looked so ghostly on Friday- My grandma took her to the vet yesterday for a super vitamin shot and hydration. I dreamed about her last night- I dreamed that she died. I woke up crying around 4a.m. Cried for a good 20 minutes- prayed for another chance to have her walk up to me for affection and hear her purr—

I walked out to the pool area around 9 a.m. and watched her take a few bites of food. She hadn't eaten in 3 days. She saw me, meowed, and walked slowly over to me. I scratched her head and she purred quietly. I said an immediate prayer of gratitude-- thank you Heavenly Father for allowing me to have this moment with my kitty. May she recover.


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NariceatL4 said...

I too am glad that Cow is doing better. Here is an ode to Cow:
She is a funny cat
meowing at the door sooo loudly
for her breakfast,
walking heavily--like a cow,
biting unexpectedly
when you pet her the wrong way (she's very opinionated)
Cow, cow, cow
meow, meow, meow!