Thursday, October 01, 2009

October Goodness

Fall, how I love thee- Let me count the ways! I love the cooling of the weather. Even though an Indian summer is in full force, my morning walk was crisp, breezy, and cool- It filled me with excitement for the months to come.

I just spent the last two weeks with a former missionary companion; Michelle "Williams" Ma Chong. We engaged in a light-speed tour of Southern California and now she is in Salt Lake, getting ready to experience General Conference up close and personal.

It's been a blessing to see her again- I've learned so much from her during our brief visit together; what it means to love, "It's not about you", Aussie culture and life... The list is lengthy, but I'll stop there.

In sum, I am grateful for the people Heavenly Father places in my path.

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