Tuesday, July 14, 2009


For double the softness...

This morning on my walk I met a lady named Joyce. Our introduction: Her full sized poodle Weezie almost took a bite out of me! Luckily Weez was attached to a rope that yanked her back right before her teeth connected with my side. Joyce gave her an earful and then we started a great convo. Joyce is a homemaker- and artist- a Christian- a crazy quilter- she invited me to her church's singles group. I told her about my congregation and the humanitarian project the Young Singles are crewing next month- we're going to make 1,000 quilts!

Joyce donated a Hawaii quilt to our cause- I finished my walk with a fleece lined quilt in tow. It was awesome.

P.S. New fact about Adenmore: many residents have lived on this street for several decades- some were born and raised on this street and were later able to buy their own piece of property- it's home for them... :)


NariceatL4 said...

Wow, you sure have a knack for connecting with people :)

(except big daddy....)

wendy said...

That is a gift. Not the quilt, which is also a gift, but your ability to bring out that kindness in people and make them feel so comfortable in your space that they just open up to you.


wendy said...

What's this about big daddy?