Sunday, November 30, 2008

Stepping Into Liquid

I attended a baptism tonight. I'd originally planned on going straight home after Linger Longer clean up (Linger Longer = snacks after church). Instead, I drove myself straight to the baptism and thoroughly enjoyed it.

A young man baptized his girlfriend of two years. I watched as they entered the water together, both dressed in white. I thought about the commandments they were living in order to be worthy of participating in that ordinance.

While millions of teenagers in the world are caught up in themselves, partying, drugs, sex...the list goes on- here are two young people who care deeply for the Lord. They are committed to Him and to living His teachings.

I am so grateful I ignored what I wanted to do and chose instead to be a part of an uplifting evening. The Lord's way is always the better way.

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NariceatL4 said...

When I was primary pres, and then RS pres - I had a baptism to go to every week (it seemed like, for a while): and even though I was usually tired, I was ALWAYS glad I attended the baptism. Baptisms are wonderful!

(Going the extra mile is usually wonderful.)

"Go with him, Twain."