Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Jesus is My Pool Man?

Possible for our human eyes to mistake
the pool man for Jesus? It's possible.

Just for clarification's sake;) about
remember/recognizing the face of the Lord...
upon further pondering I realize my statement
was out of context being that I was referring to
post-mortal life...and you were referring to
the earthly realm...but let's take your angle
a little further-

I'm sure you've met people who've given off
incredible spritual vibes, yes? I just met a
couple last week at Trader Joes shopping with
their two sons, and they were practically glowing
in my opinion. This vibe was so prominant to me
that I commented to them about it- I don't set out
each morning in search of these kind of experiences.
So, I'm gonna rule out the possibility of me willing
myself to envision heavenly vibes(so to speak.)

So if a fellow Trader Joes shopper can have that
air about them, then how much stronger would
that feeling be in the midst of a perfected being?
I don't know but I imagine it has to be something
close to what the two traverlers felt on the road
to Emmaus after havign walked with Christ-
although they like Mary Magdala did not recognize
Him initially, they caught on towards the end-
when "their eyes were opened...Did not our hearts
burn within us while He talked..."

How long could we be in the presence of the Lord
and not know it? Mary Mary was too incredibly
caught up in depression thereby her eyes were
not yet opened...

I guess the critical factor lies in whether or not
we are preparing for that moment...are we excersing
faith in Him etc. etc.? and now I digress.

ps- I understand that the statements and questions
you raise in class are from an objective standpoint-
but what exactly is your subjective stance?

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